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I am a woman. So I worry a lot.

Or perhaps that is the excuse I use. But I am sharing the truth with you. I do worry.

Over the years, I have lost sleep as I worried about….

  • making ends meet
  • having children
  • raising them in today’s world
  • my children walking with God
  • their education
  • wisdom teeth being pulled
  • multiple surgeries that my children have had
  • who they would marry
  • my husband still finding me attractive as we age
  • the health of parents
  • cancer diagnoses for loved ones
  • traveling abroad

Need I continue? I worry. And I am hoping that you find yourself saying, “Me too!” as I don’t want to worry alone 🙂 But here is the thing, Scripture tells us we are not to worry at all. Instead, we are to:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

To cast (epiripto, in the Greek) means to “throw on, or throw upon”. We are being told to throw our worries onto Him with force so that in throwing it towards Him, we are removing it from ourselves. We are putting distance between ourselves and our worries. In so doing, we express that we trust Him implicitly. We acknowledge that He is sovereign over us and over all of our life. And we can do this because, “he cares for you”, for each one of us.

Matthew Henry, in his commentary on this verse says this, which I just loved:

Throw your cares, which are so cutting and distracting, which wound your souls and pierce your hearts, upon the wise and gracious providence of God; trust in him with a firm composed mind, for he careth for you. He is willing to release you of your care, and take the care of you upon himself. He will either avert what you fear, or support you under it. He will order all events to you so as shall convince you of his paternal love, and tenderness towards you; and all shall be so ordered that no hurt, but good, shall come to you.

He will hold my worries but I must do my part and cast them upon Him.

He holds my worries.

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