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Today I am filled with gratitude. I have been reflecting on my life and I truly feel blessed. There have been difficult times in my life. Those seasons where the rubber hit the road and I thought. “There will be no bouncing back!”. But we did. And then there were those seasons filled with so much laughter and joy that we never wanted those days to end.

Some blessings came easily. They felt like they had just been dropped into our lives. Probably because they were. Our God just blessed – even though we did not deserve it. Without us even looking for blessing or expecting it.

And then there were those seasons where we fought hard for the blessing. You know those days….Those days you feel like Jacob wrestling with the angel.

Jacob, poor Jacob. He does his brother wrong and lives much of his life always looking over his shoulder waiting for revenge to be had by Esau.

And then came the night that changed everything. The night that Jacob wrestled with the angel sent by God. Jacob, the fighter, gives the angel a real good fight. Realizing that he had a tough rival, the angel touches Jacob’s hip and wrenched it out of it socket. Jacob had to be in pain at that point but still was not giving in. Or giving up. We are told:

Then the man said, “Let me go for the dawn is breaking!”

But Jacob said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” (Genesis 32:26, NLT)

I wonder how many times we give up without the fight and miss out on the blessing that God has for us. There is an enemy that seeks to steal the blessings that God desires to bestow on us. Or maybe it is just that we make it easy for him. We give in, without a fight, surrendering. At times, I think we do not realize how much the blessing is worth fighting for.

{{What would happen if we all became wrestlers?}}

All his life, Jacob had pursued “blessing” in his own abilities and strength. He chased after, deceived for, and manipulated people to obtain what he thought should be his. Instead he found himself still searching, looking over his shoulder, falling short of the true blessing of God. Until that fateful night.

It was then Jacob discovered he had come to the end of himself and his conniving ways. He wanted the real blessing and he was willing to fight to obtain it. He took hold of the angel and held on until he received the blessing.

May we do the same. May we not give up too soon. May we not surrender all that God has for us. May we find the tenacity to fight for the blessings our God has for us.

May we hold onto (and fight for) the blessing that is ours.

477px-Jacob_Wrestling_with_the_Angel(Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons/public domain)

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