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Im-Maximizing-My-Mornings-300The week was spent looking at Ephesians 4: 17-32 every day. Paul gave excellent instruction in this portion on how we are to live.


If I am truly going to live in the Light of Christ, I must do three things daily:

  1. I must throw off my old nature (verse 22). Even though I am a believer, my flesh is still in me. I cannot live each day without being intentional in my battle against my flesh.
  2. I must let the Spirit of God renew my thoughts and attitudes (verse 23). I must come before Him each day, asking Him to change the way in which I will think. It is as the Spirit expresses His life within me that I will be changed.
  3. I must put on my new nature (verse 24). I cannot take off without putting on or I will face the world unequipped.

This all needs to be done daily. Each morning, I take off my pajamas and get dressed for the day. In much the same way, I must take off and put on that which will prepare and equip me to face the demands of the day victoriously.

This week of study reminded me of a quote that I read several years ago which said this:

Grace binds you with far stronger cords than the cords of duty or obligation can bind you. Grace is free, but when once you take it, you are bound forever to the Giver. Like produces like. Grace makes you gracious, the Giver makes you give. (E.Stanley Jones)

His glorious grace will make us more like Him. But it will not happen by accident. I must live intentionally.

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