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I cannot believe November is a done deal. So I want to remember what I learned this month:

1. I LOVE NBC’s, Revolution. My favorite show by far in a long time.

2.The online community that I find myself a part of is a most beautiful experience. So grateful for each friend I have found and for all that each of them adds to my life.

3. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in Operation Christmas Child again this year.

4. Discovered that I am not a perfectionist and am fine with it. Being far from perfect myself, I do not expect perfection from others. But I do strive for excellence in my own life.

5. As Billy Graham televised his last program, I have been blessed to have had his ministry all these years throughout my life. I will surely miss him.

6. Life is precious. I want to celebrate each day that I have been given.

7. I don’t ever want to go a day without God’s Word in my life.

8. His grace will always be enough.

9. I am more like a sheep than I ever thought.

10. It is so much more exciting to participate in the accomplishments of others than to even experience my own.

11. Stouffer’s Gingerbread Men Cookies is my annual indulgence. I am going to need to stock up as they won’t be around after Christmas.

12. My 17 month old granddaughter can INDEED outsmart me and keep things well hidden for days. Trust me. How did she know the best hiding spot in the entire house?

13. There is so much that I truly do not know. And I am fine with that. It leaves me much to yet learn in the days ahead 🙂

14. Seeing the Christmas photos of my granddaughters can reduce me to a puddle of tears in seconds! I have been so blessed!

And now I will add my list at Chatting at the Sky. It really was a good month. Looking forward to all that December has in store!