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The days seem to be passing so quickly this fall. I keep ripping the pages off my calendar, realizing soon it will be time to start a new one. For days now, God has brought me back to a familiar passage about “time”. I think Solomon must have felt this same passing of time when he wrote:

For everything there is a season, for every activity under heaven.(Ecclesiastes 3:1)

From there starts the litany of activities for which there “is a time”. Every activity common to man is mentioned. Twenty-eight activities to be exact. Some are pleasant and fun and enjoyable. Others are painful, uncomfortable, sad and to be avoided at all costs. Some we have no choice in like our birth. Others we are all destined to do – die. And yet, in listing all of the activities, Solomon comes to one conclusion which, a few days ago, hit me to my core:

I’ve decided that there’s nothing better to do than go ahead and have a good time and get the most we can out of life. (verse 12, The Message)

I looked at Solomon’s observation as a piece of advice. Seeing as he is known for his wisdom, this is what I gathered from his advice:

  1. Life is to be celebrated.
  2. Each day may not seem like a celebration.
  3. Celebrate the day you have been given.

There is only one you. Never again will there be another person with your gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, looks and character. This is it. You are the you that God has placed in this world. Be you. Embrace all that you are, work hard and make a difference in the environment you have been placed.

Each day, taken by itself, may not seem joyous or to be celebrated. Celebrate anyway! We must all take the good, the bad and the ugly. Open your eyes to see exactly what you are to learn from each day and experience. Today is only a small sliver of the entire scope of time. Each hardship, difficulty, pain and loss has a work to do in our lives. For His purposes. May He be displayed in the midst of it all.

There is only one today. Tomorrow, this day will be done and gone forever. Make the most of today. Seize the good you can do for someone else. Laugh a little. Cry a little, too, for it will keep your heart soft. But laugh more. Love those around you – a little bit more. And deeper too. Pursue Him with all you got. Know why?

You matter.

Celebrate the days you have been given.

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