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Since she has arrived on the scene, Jocelyn, our second granddaughter has kept us hopping. She is so different than our first granddaughter. Two sisters, same parents, completely different. Did I say, “Completely different”?

When Jocelyn amazes us with their differences, her mom and/or I immediately send out a tweet or a FB status with the hashtag, #hersisterdidntdothat. Because seriously, her sister did not do anything in the same way Jocelyn does. Some of her activities the last few months which were different from Sophia….

  • dumping an entire box of cereal out on the family room floor
  • going into our trash and throwing her toys in. Which was an improvement from pulling things out of the trash πŸ™‚
  • dumping a different box of cereal out on the family room floor
  • pulling every single book off of our bookshelves. Yup, all. of. them.
  • climbing up our pantry shelves like they were a ladder
  • dumping out a box of cereal onto the family room floor, again
  • climbing up and onto everything
  • dumping out a box of cereal on the family room floor, yet again

Yes, the cereal dumping was a multiple times a week occurrence until I learned to put all the cereal boxes up on the counter on Monday mornings and leave them there for the entire week! And in case anyone is wondering where I was when the above activities took place, the girl is quick and quiet!!! I was at the sink when she climbed up the pantry shelves like they were a ladder. She is amazingly quick. She would have Clark Kent beat in a phone booth, trust me!

It was only a matter of time before someone would go in to get her from her morning nap and find her with her pj’s down by her feet & her diaper thrown out of the crib. Just saying. And may I also say, it didn’t happen at Mimi’s for which I am so grateful. The amazing thing is a video and audio monitor is used at home and yet suspicions were never aroused by either. Trust me, this little girl is quick!

And so I present to you, Jocelyn proudly displaying her latest #hersisterdidntdothat – – –

photo-93A little blurry as she was caught in the act but now we know how it is done!

I have gone back to look at this photo several times since receiving it and it has made me laugh each time. At some point this afternoon, I realized three things from this photo:

  1. We are each uniquely made by God. We should not have been surprised that Jocelyn is her own little person, with her own personality. God, Himself, knit her together in her mom’s womb. She has been fearfully and wonderfully hand crafted. A one of a kind. A masterpiece. (Psalm 139:14)
  2. We each possess our own and different gifts. God has given each of us gifts that are different and unique to us. (Romans 12:6). No gifting will look like the other or be used in quite the same way.
  3. Our lives will be most satisfied when we are using our gifting. The smile on Jocelyn’s face tells it all. We will find fulfillment when we remain true to who God created us to be and our lives fulfill His purposes.

Now to go find the duct tape so we can keep her clothes and diapers on her!!! I am also praying that she outgrows this stage before returning to me after New Year’s!

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