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We went to dinner the four of us and somehow conversation turned to weird stories we had recently heard. One of us shared about children sticking out their tongues and getting them stuck to poles in the recent cold weather. It seems to happen to at least one child every winter. But recently there has been several. So we naturally discussed the methods of getting one’s tongue disconnected from the pole, of course, mentioning hot water.

This year our family is embarking on an adventure together in which we are all using the devotional “Jesus Lives” by Sarah Young and each day we share about it together through email. The devotional had one line that seemed to stand out to me yesterday morning …..

“As we venture out together, cling tightly to My hand.” (page 17).

And then the Scripture ….

My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. (Psalm 63:8)

I began to question inside myself, “Do I cling to Him, at all times, every time, in every way?” Better yet, “What does He mean when He instructs me to cling to Him?”

Funny word that word cling — “to stick to, to adhere to” (in the noun form, it is used for glue). In the abstract, it has the idea of devotion, loyalty” (taken from Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary).

Quite simply, to cling means to stick to something like glue. And as I cling to God, stuck or adhered to Him as if by glue, unable to come apart – well- a funny thing happens. He upholds me. He holds me up. I do my part and He does His.

When you feel like you are floundering, get the image of the kid with his tongue stuck to the flag pole into your head.

In one of the recent cases, it was reported after the girl was disengaged from the pole, her tongue was raw and swollen. The doctors are saying it could take up to six months for the swelling to be totally reduced. The point? Only cling to that which you should be permanently adhered. We are not meant to disengage from clinging to God. It will cause us pain and full recuperation may take some time.

Remember the way in which you are to cling to God.

And then remember ….

He is faithfully upholding you by His right hand.

Cling to God.

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