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I now watch granddaughter #2 while her parents work and her sister goes to school. Jocelyn, nearly 21 months old, so different from her sister and I am thankful for this. There can be no comparing. Well, I guess we could compare the two girls but to do so, would mean I would miss out on the joy of Jocelyn. And boy does she bring joy.

This little girl who is nothing at all like her sister. She is a toddler body in total motion all day long. She entertains herself with a curiosity that amazes me to watch. The connections she makes, the spaces she gets herself into, yeah the messes she makes and the places she will climb at times can drive me insane but then I sit back and I marvel at the rush of love I can feel for her.


That split second when my heart swells and beats hard at the awareness of how great my love is for her. It is deep and fierce.

This week has been a week of love. And this has been a week of laughter. She has made me laugh till my eyes spurted. She knew it too. She would bend over at the waist, cup her hands over her little mouth and laugh herself silly. Like yesterday….

We were playing together. I was sitting on the floor facing her when all of a sudden, she squatted and it was time for some serious business. You know what business I mean. To a toddler, the world is their potty. She stayed squatting for a long time, making some noises, face turning beet red and when she was done, she stood up, spread her arms wide and announced, “Ta – Da!!!!!” The grin on her face was from ear to ear and I looked at her and before my heart could bust, I busted out laughing. And so did she as she ran to embrace me.

It was in that moment that my lesson was learned……

I have loved this little girl from before she ever was here. It was while she was yet growing in her mom’s belly, my own love for her was also growing and sure. I did not need to see her or to be with her to love her. I was already loving her before she even was.

How had I missed the truth of His love for me?

Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.” (Ephesians 1:4, NLT)

Much the way I loved Jocelyn and anticipated her arrival so I could display my love to her, God was loving me all along. He was eagerly and patiently waiting for me to make entry into this world. Loving me the entire time. There has never been a day in which He has not loved me. Not a single day.

He has been loving me, every single day, since before anything even was.

And He has been loving you too.

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