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For a few months now, I have been following a link up and wanting to jump in. It is Emily Freeman’s, What I Learned This Month, on her blog Chatting at the Sky. The problem for me was that I always would forget to keep a running list all month. No matter how hard I tried to remember, I would only remember when I saw her post.

So I determined in February to do one and I think, by golly, I did πŸ™‚ So here is what February brought into my life…..

  • I actually think winter is my favorite season. OK, for right now. There is something about being in my home, safe and cozy,  with everything else on the outside. There might be another word for it – hibernation!
  • I thought I was done with American Idol. And then they brought Harry Connick Jr. on as a judge. Seriously, he is so funny and entertaining. He is the best part of the show. So I am in for the season!
  • This was the first year that I chose a word, one word, to focus on instead of making resolutions. I think resolutions may be easier. Or maybe I should have picked a different word. I picked “Faith” and God is surely causing me to have faith in Him. Yeah, I am thinking next year I will pick joy or laughter. So much better to be laughing. Faith is hard. Just saying…  GetInline-4
  • We booked our vacation for our 35th anniversary in May. Cannot believe that it will be 35 years. It went by in a flash. This also means for the 37 years I have known Danny, I have yet to see him without a beard! It may have been longer or shorter in length but it has always, always, been there. And  I love it!
  • Yes, I did call Comcast when our “on Demand” feature was not working and Jocelyn was having a meltdown because she could not watch either the Wiggles or The Chica Show. And yes, I did tell the kind man who was helping me exactly why I was calling.  He went absolutely hysterical laughing at me. Until he could hear her crying and then he KNEW I was seriously calling for that very reason. Oh, Sprout what you have done to me!
  • Looking for deer in our yard has become our nightly joy. Amazing to see them feeding at our bird seed. On the other hand, our evergreen bushes may never be the same!
  • I don’t like change. God does. Guess Who wins?
  • Obedience is hard at times. But….there is also no greater joy.
  • I love high school basketball. I am not sure if I liked it more when my son played in high school or now that he is coaching a girl’s basketball team. But … they made the championships and this is an exciting weekend of games. So…”Go Cougars! Play hard. Play well. Have fun!” We are all so proud of you girls! 1912062_637484422953392_1184904080_n
  • I know it is now March but I really do want just one more snow day πŸ™‚

Did you learn anything new this month?

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