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The mat has always been by the back door. We don’t have a mudroom. We each take off our shoes, leave them on the mat and enter. On any given day, there is at least one pair of shoes there. As I glance over, three pairs currently sit there.

But the day had come.

Jocelyn noticed them. The funny thing was, of the three pairs, she chose the heels. What is it about little girls and heels? There must be a “high-heel” gene in girls. She slipped them on and pondered a bit as to the problem of exposed toes ….


But once told her toes were fine, she was happily on her way…..

photo-126And let me just say, the girl can walk in heels! No wobbling. No balance issues. She was happy as a clam, clicking along all about the house.

They say you can’t walk in someone else’s shoes. But watching Jocelyn the other day, I came to wonder if this is not false. I have been thinking about it since …

  • We can walk in His ways. We can keep step with Him as we rely on His Spirit within us. It happens as we live out our days with Him in the forefront of our minds.
  • Jesus sat down and spent time with other people. In fact, He was repeatedly criticized for sitting to eat at tables with the tax collectors, the broken, the sinners. We may come to understand the hurts and brokenness of others only as we spend time. With them. Listening to them. Seeing them.
  • The shoes may not always fit comfortably. Seriously. At times, God may ask us to walk where it may not be so comfortable or familiar to us. May we go anyway.

As I continued to watch Jocelyn, it became more interesting. Each time, a shoe slipped off one of her feet, she would not just stop and slip it back on. No, this little girl would bend over, pick up the shoe and take it back to the point it all started ….

photo-124And so must we. We are surely going to mess up – every single day. We will fail someone or at something. We won’t do everything perfectly. I am so grateful for the Cross, the place where we get to start all over, anew and renewed. The Cross – the place where it all began. The place of new beginnings and of holy do-overs.

And for those times when our feet get tired, for they surely will – may we know to just stand still ….

photo-127“Be still and know that I am God!” (Psalm 46:10 NLT)

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