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mended-cover-anna-white-682x1024I recently read Mended by Anna White; a collection of essays, each one written like a personal journal entry. I was drawn to read this book after reading a blog post written by the author in which she explained about kintsugi, the Japanese art of beautiful repair. The author shares a quote:

“When beautiful things are broken,” she said, “the cracks can’t be vanished. The breaks are there, and there’s no hiding them. Instead each of those breaks, each chip, is filled with gold resin, smoothed down, and made whole again. The broken thing is made even more beautiful.”

Anna’s life has known deep pain as she experienced the sorrow of brokenness. Yet, in the midst of darkness and incredible brokenness,  the author held onto her fragile faith which always was enough and seemed to hold onto her.

The author shares many personal experiences and dark days of her life which are common to many but few openly discuss. She shares with an openness and honesty which is refreshing, causing one to realize these are experiences which can be shared. It is in the sharing from which strength can be obtained.

Each essay is short and meant to share an experience, a truth learned, a wound healed. Anna shares her doubts, her questions, and the discovery that God loves us and is with us, faithful to us in the darkest of days. We learn that even in the midst of our brokenness, we are not defeated but are worthy of healing from God.

Included with the essays are Scriptures and quotes which the author found meaningful in her journey of faith. Each one is beautiful and rich in meaning for it is shared from her heart. This book is full of the hope which can be found in and through faith in God. This collection of essays will bring you through the painful struggles so many experience but bring you to the conclusion that God is faithful. He never leaves us alone. And He does bring beauty out of the ashes.

I was given a copy of this book to read by the author in exchange for my honest review. This book was a joy to read and review. It is the raw story of one woman’s journey to wholeness which will resonate with many. May each one who reads this book find their broken life “made even more beautiful”.

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