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I will admit I do not read fiction very often. But every once in a while, I find myself wanting to get lost in a story, engrossed in the lives and events of others. I have been enjoying the blog of Emily T. Wierenga for some time. So when I heard she had written a novel, I did not hesitate to pre-order it.

a-promise-in-pieces-cover“A Promise in Pieces” was a wonderful and heartwarming story covering a span of fifty years in the life of Clara, a nurse during WWII. It is a story of family dynamics, heartbreak and love, loneliness and friendships, purpose and destiny. I found myself drawn to each of the characters, loving them and wanting them to find the happiness they longed for with each other.

Emily weaves the events so emotionally rich. She brought a deeper understanding and appreciation of a war which occurred before my lifetime. Emily unfolds a picture of the pain and horrors of war through the thoughts of Clara, who cares for the injured viewing them as “someone’s baby who once laughed and gurgled and rolled.” (page 41)

We come to understand there is a godly balance between both love and justice.

We discover that trust truly is “learned and practiced in the moment” (page 61). Perhaps only moment by moment.

Clara’s desire, to bring a home made quilt to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, takes her on a trip which includes each member of her family. “A Promise in Pierces” is the story of this special quilt. We come to gain a beautiful picture of life through the insights Clara shares about her quilt and her own life …

I could see the pieces of the quilt forming; the patches of my life, all there, and God sewing them together with tender threads. (page 124)

This is a story of hope, the chance to do life again, to do it over. It is a story of love and forgiveness. And of coming full circle.

This is the story about Oliver as much as it is of Clara. Oliver, a quiet sort of a man, who teaches us it is possible to be “quiet and yet love the Lord with a loud kind of love”. In fact, Oliver will challenge us to become just this very sort of person.

This was a book I did not want to come to finish as I did not want to close the cover on each of its characters. It was a book which brought comfort and promise through each page demonstrating that in spite of the messes we seem to create, each of us will leave a mark on this world.

I highly recommend this book to you for your own reading pleasure. I purchased this book for myself and am sharing a review because it is a story which should be shared. I loved reading this book and so will you!

**Emily T. Wierenga is a journalist, a columnist and blogs at I hope you will visit her blog as you will quickly come to love all she which she shares.

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