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I did learn to keep a running list this month thanks to Elizabeth at Beauty Observed who graciously offered a suggestion which helped her. You may want to check her site out too, as she truly does observe and create much beauty.

April was a hard month for a friend of mine. So I created a play list of my favorite upbeat songs and emailed them to her from You Tube over the course of the day. She ended up getting 15 of my favorite songs and some laughter by the days end. I learned you cannot cheer someone else up without feeling cheered yourself!

There are times in life, a familiar verse becomes dearer … “The Lord cares deeply when his loved ones die.” (Psalm 116:15, NLT). I learned this is truer than I realized.

Books and my love for reading have impacted my life more greatly than I ever realized. I learned how deeply indebted I am to my mother for faithfully taking us kids to the library all year long in spite of the distance.

That being said, I love being a part of book launches! The community and sharing which occurs over the course of time is precious. The book launches which were my joy this month …. Love Idol and Spiritual Misfit. If you have not yet read them, you may want to check them out. And no, they are not affiliate links 🙂 just great books!


I am so learning that motherhood truly can change the world. If you need convincing of this, read each of these posts by Emily and Kristin.

I am learning we all need a cheerleader in our lives. Dreams – we all have one. May we come alongside of one another and spur each other a little bit closer to achieving our goals.

Commercials. I love them. What can I say? So when I saw this one for the first time, I learned they can make me laugh – good and hard!  It is just too good not to share.


It was a month of learning for which I am grateful. I am joining Emily Freeman for What I Learned .