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God promises a safe landing but not a calm passage. (Anonymous)

I read the quote and the thought quickly went through my mind, “But at times I would so much rather a calm passage AND a safe landing.” And truly, don’t we all?

As I have thought about this for a few days, I remembered how our children started learning to walk. They wobbled and fell. Then they would take a step, wobble and fall. The next time, it was a few steps, wobble and fall. And then they began to get steady. But it was as they took steps, the steadiness developed.

Perhaps steadiness comes to us in our adult lives much the same way.

The psalmist, David, writes of a difficult time in his life. He does not record for us what he was facing just that it was a painful time for his soul. It during this time, he wrote Psalm 40, from which we can learn several lessons:

  1. We pray and wait. David prayed to his God and waited patiently for the Lord to help him (Psalm 40:1). But here’s the thing…it does not mean waiting to see IF something would happen. It means instead, waiting with assurance that something WOULD happen. David waited with expectation, trusting God would help, having faith in God.
  2. As we wait, God responds. God came to David’s rescue, lifting him out of the situation he found himself (Psalm 40:2).
  3. God puts us on solid ground. God rescued David from a situation David could not have escaped on his own.

David had gone through many difficulties in his life – personal sin, adultery, murder, family dysfunction, emotional distress, the loss of a child. Any of these situations could have been the reason he wrote this psalm. Through each situation, David was reminded of God’s mercy toward him.

At times, situations cause us to freeze, to be immobilized. Not knowing what to do or where to go, we do nothing at all. Yet it is as we pray, with expectation, we find God unfolds His directions and guides us. Interestingly, David shared this insight:

He “steadied me as I walked along.”

Much like a baby, our walk gets steadier as we keep on walking with Him.

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