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RhinestoneJesus_mockupI recently had the opportunity to read “Rhinestone Jesus” by Kristen Welch. I first became familiar with Kristen when funds were being raised for Mercy House Kenya, a nonprofit maternity home in Kenya which she founded. And so, when contacted to become a member of the launch team for her book, I jumped and responded yes as I wanted to know the back story.

Little did I know the journey it would put me on.

Kristen takes you back and introduces herself to you as a teenager who boldly proclaimed Jesus wherever she went, even to the point of proudly wearing a Jesus pin each day to school. But only when her life is rocked and she comes face to face with the reality of how much she needs Jesus in her life, does she begin to follow the dreams which God has deposited into her life.

Rhinestone Jesus quickly became a book which got under my own skin and challenged me deeply in my own walk. I have found myself reading portions out loud to my family members as their own dreams are being birthed.

This is a story of an ordinary mom with an ordinary life being changed before in ways never expected or anticipated and living the extraordinary.

But even more so – this is a book that quickly becomes each of our own stories as well.

As I read the book, I felt inspired. Empowered actually. I found myself wanting to say “yes” in the midst of being a wife, a mom of grown children, a Mimi doing daycare for my granddaughters. I found myself asking God to show me where, if I said “yes”, I would and could make a difference. I have been amazed at how He has responded … at the supermarket, at the post office and at the bank. It is in the middle of our messes that our faith can be courageous and most shine.

This book will make you laugh and it will bring you to tears. Mostly, it will bring you to your knees before God. You will beg to be different. To be used in ways which truly matter and make a difference. You will no longer be able to settle.

Check out this trailer when your safe faith is no longer enough and you need to be challenged:


I have graciously been given TWO copies by Tyndale to offer in a giveaway. Just leave a comment in which you answer this question … What is God asking you to say “yes” to? The giveaway will close on Wednesday May 7th at midnight.I will pick the two winners using and announce them shortly thereafter.

The book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book Distributors and Dayspring.

Learn more about Mercy House Kenya.

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