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Meet me here. Break open my secrets; help me to tell you what you’re longing to hear. Help me to be what you want your disciples to be. Help me to hurt when I hurt you, to feel shame. Help me to stand along with you and be utterly content. To know the joy and peace of heaven.

Help me to desire heaven, and to believe in it. To make it more real than life itself.

Thank you for the many ways you encourage us. Thank you for the sunshine, the birds, the unique beauty in every place you created. Help me to see through your eyes.

Show me how to be a missionary every day. Give me insight, Lord – find me worthy of wisdom. Help me to love at all times, and to never stop believing in you.

I believe I’m afraid of pain, afraid of hard things. Help me to count it a blessing when I suffer, to rejoice and laugh despite sorrow and pain. I pray you will find no deceit in my heart.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


*This prayer can be found in Atlas Girl by Emily T. Wierenga, pages 103-104)


Today I joining with … Give Me Grace and Spiritual Sundays and Sunday Stillness and Scripture & A Snapshot and Still Saturday .