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“Open up before God, keep nothing back, he’ll do whatever needs to be done. He’ll validate your life in the clear light of day and stamp you with approval at high noon.” (Psalm 37:4, MSG)

Lord, I invite you to examine the depths of my heart.
When you ask me the question, “What do you want?”
I confess that I don’t always know the answer.
Sometimes I don’t desire enough,
so ignite my faith, restore lost hope.
Sometime I desire amiss, so root out pride,
greed,and selfish ambition.
Give me the desire of Your heart so that when
You ask, “What do you want?”
my answer will be pleasing to You.
My heartfelt desire will be to follow You,
my deepest longing, to love like You and become like You.

(from “The Wonder of His Love” by Nancy Stafford, page 174)


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