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Life is a progression of varied sorts. We progress through school, getting promoted from one grade to the next based on performance. We desire progression with our careers – going from one to another using the previous job as a stepping stone, hoping for income increases or job promotions. We desire to progress from apartments to houses to McMansions. OK, maybe not that one as I don’t desire to do more cleaning, especially windows 🙂

We have this drive for MORE.

We long for MORE.

But what if this longing for MORE is God given? What if He planted it in each of our hearts so we would long for more of Him?

I wonder how often I have missed what He has had for me as I longed for MORE or perhaps went in search for something other. Can it be there are times we already have the more or are in the place we should be – but don’t even know it?

Can it be the MORE, the sacred even, is found right in the middle of our everyday experiences?

Can the MORE we’re looking for be had in the very place we currently find ourselves, but misplaced longings cause us to miss it?

I’m thinking of Jacob who lay down one night to go to sleep. Sleep – a normal and needed and everyday occurrence.

“Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely The Lord is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!” (Genesis 28:16, NLT)

The Lord can invade every space, every moment in time. In the very place we are, in the happenings of today, He can show up, invading our lives with MORE of His Presence. Jacob’s response was to set up a memorial, to worship and praise God for His provision in his life. The memorial was to serve as a reminder of God’s Presence and to point the way for future generations.

It could be we are on holy ground already. We may well be in the place of blessing. The place where God will fill our longings and we may be totally unaware. We may be already positioned in the very place where God will show up and give us MORE.

And the MORE He will give us is …

MORE of Himself.

MORE of His blessing.


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