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The summer has passed. School has begun. With the start of a new school year, it is a time when we are filled with new goals, routines and aspirations.

Women before us have achieved acclaim, facing odds, overcoming and doing the hard things. We have been amazed at the successes of women – those who have combined careers and families, seemingly with ease.

Growing up I was intrigued with Superman. He was a news reporter who by day covered secondary stories hidden away from the front pages of the paper.

Every once in a while though, he felt called to fight crime and save lives. He would run into a phone booth, unnoticed, and transform into Superman, wearing his cape and able to fly to any place he needed to be. He had x-ray vision and unmatched strength.

The thing about Superman was this – much of what he did in the normal dailiness of his days was done without much fanfare. He was the mild mannered Clark Kent with a personality awkward at work. He fumbled and bumbled his way through his workday getting yelled at by his editor Mr. White, teased by fellow employees and loved by a frustrated Lois Lane, who was in love with him.

He showed up each day, sat at his desk, wrote his articles, a man doing his job. No cape. No flying. No heroics. No superhuman strength. No x-ray vision.

And that is women – and moms- every single day.

I’m guest posting over at What Joy Is Mine. Naomi is taking a blogging break while on vacation and asked me to share a little about the hard task of mothering. I’ll be sharing on going through our days unnoticed. I hope you will follow me there for the rest of this post. And I hope you will come to browse her blog as it is always filled with encouragement.


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