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“Is there a limit to My power?’

Let’s face it, if God were to ask me this question, I would quickly respond, “NO!”. Yet how often I have lived, and prayed, as if His power had limits. It’s as if I said, “Well, He can do this, but not so sure on this…”.

Our doubts lie in a limited view of God, not of His power for God is omnipotent, which actually means – there is not a single thing He cannot do or which is outside of His power. To put it another way … NOTHING can limit His work in our lives.

Again I am reminded of the Israelites …

In Numbers 11, we find God promising to provide meat to the people, who had been complaining of their limited menu. He tells them He will provide so much meat (aka, quail), they will get sick of it, even to the point of gagging.

Moses, in response, points out to God there are 600,000 soldiers and even if they butchered all their herds, there would not be enough meat for them all. Basically, Moses had developed a vision problem.

Moses looked at what was available rather than looking at God’s ability.

And I do the same thing at times. But I often remember the lesson taught to me by my dear friend Audrey, an older woman in my small group …

Audrey was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 cancer, given approximately 6 months to live. It was a prognosis that sent family and friends reeling.

Treatments began and Audrey endured both the side effects and multiple hospital stays. There were periods in which she enjoyed great quality of life, seeming to beat the disease. And about two and a half years passed from the time of diagnosis and receiving the news of remaining time.

I visited Audrey often. Sometimes several times a day. They were difficult and sweet times. We laughed and cried together. We shared many a hospital lunch and garden tomatoes with a hidden salt shaker in her hospital nightstand drawer. There was not a single time, not once, where just as I got to the door of her room to leave, I did not hear her call out my name. And each time, I would turn to see her, with her quirky smile, and she would say,

“Remember, He is able!”

Countless times, we said it together. Countless rides home with tears streaming as I prayed for God to heal my friend. I always thought she was reminding herself of God’s ability.

It was the day of her last breath when I went to visit. She was unconscious and I read to her from the Psalms. I knew I would not see her again until we met on the other side of life. It was then, I realized, Audrey was not reminding herself. She already knew that truth. She knew whether He healed her on this side of eternity or the other, He was able and one day, she would be whole.

No, she was saying it so I would remember. She was making certain I heard it enough times so I would not waver or lose faith. Mark Batterson, in his book Circle Maker, says it this way:

“With God, it’s never an issue of ‘Can He?” It’s only a question of ‘Will He?’ And while you don’t always know if He will, you know He can. And because you know He can, you can pray with holy confidence.” (page 75)

That Audrey was one smart woman who rested in the confidence her God was able. And she made sure I learned that lesson as well.

We can pray with holy confidence.

He is able.


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