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iwantgod I Want God by Lisa Whittle is a gift to the reader. It only took me a few pages to come to find out, the book was going to bring conviction. Not the down on yourself kind but the stirring kind which makes you realize just how much you need more of God in your life.

Lisa brings us to ask ourselves the hard questions, which if you’re honest, you might not like your answers. Questions like …

  • Do I truly want God more?
  • Do I want God more than I want my own comfort?
  • Do I want God more that I can reason with my mind?
  • Do I want God more than popularity? Or the approval of others?
  • Do I want God more than I want blessing?

And the hardest question of all –

Do I want God the most?

Until we can come to grips with and truly answer these questions, our lives may stay stagnate because if we truly desired him above all else (and every other thing), our lives would look very different than they do.

Sometimes we all need a reminder or encouragement to dig deeper into our relationship with God. Lisa Whittle gives us the push we need to get quiet and find our way back to a vibrant walk with God. Lisa writes with a transparency which will guide the reader into a knowledge of who God is and why we must want Him in our life, more and more. Wonderful book for personal reflection and/or small group as she includes questions for reflection.

Harvest House Publishers is also offering a free download of a 7 day devotional which you can get here .

Here’s a question for you …


I Want God is a life changing book which will help the reader to get back to God, exactly Who we want and need most!

Leave a comment answering which one of the “Do you …?” questions you struggle with the most and there just might be a giveaway happening here 🙂

** I received a complimentary copy of this book from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion. This book was truly my delight to read and review!


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