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I recently read, Shaken Awake by Allen Madding. It is the story of a church in downtown Atlanta, Georgia faced with a dwindling and aging congregation that has been forced to shut down the majority of their building, dismissing much of its staff. With small offerings, the only programs left running in the church are a few Sunday School classes and a Sunday morning worship service.

When a phone call comes from the police, asking the pastor to identify the body of a man found frozen to death on the front steps of the church, several church members are shook up.

Their first thought is to keep the story out of the lime light of the media. But as the realization sinks in that it could have been any of them apart from God’s grace, the church begins to re-examine their mission and priorities.

This is a short book, quick and easy to read. But it packs a poignant message. What is to be the mission of the church? What is to be the mission of each one of us who sit in pews each Sunday?

Throughout the weaving of the story, the author causes us to take a closer look at the problem of homelessness and the hungry living right in our communities.

There is a wonderful epilogue which shares of the practical ways in which we can tackle these issues and become part of the solution. This is a story sure to challenge us to work out our faith with action.

** I was given a complimentary pdf in exchange for my honest opinion which was my pleasure to give.


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