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Thanksgiving Day is now about 10 days away. Well, at this writing anyway. If you’ve been on social media, you may have seen many who are giving thanks through the alphabet. It seemed like a great idea and surely a way to remember to give thanks each day.

So I started doing it with my adult children and their spouses, sending a group email each morning for each of us to share our thanks. It’s been wonderful. Each letter is revelatory in and of itself.

The typical email went out to my kids with the question ….ƂĀ  Any “O” gratitude this morning?

I had sat for some time thinking on the letter “O”. Some letter gratitudes come quickly. Others take a little time and thought. Whether quickly or slowly, I want my thanks to be genuine. And I wrote …

I am so grateful He enables us to overcome whatever life may bring.

We can sure throw those words – ‘overcome’ or ‘overcomer’ – around rather loosely. After all, isn’t that what we are supposed to be and do in life? defines ‘overcome’ as:

  • to get the better of in a struggle or conflict; conquer; defeat:
  • to prevail over

Interesting that we don’t give thought to exactly what is involved in being, or becoming, an overcomer. We can only be defined as such once we have battled. It’s the process that makes us overcomers.

God will not allow life to get the better of me, or to conquer me. Rather He prevails over it all.

When I am overcome with the stresses of life, He overcomes.everyonebornofgod


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