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then-came-Jesus-paperback-772x1024The first week of Advent is over. It has been a wonderful time of study and reflection over at Hello Mornings. We are currently doing the study, Then Came Jesus.

Let me share some of my thoughts from this first week:

  • Can we even imagine all the emotions Mary experienced after the visit from the angel? Girls were normally already married by their mid teens which tells us Mary is a young girl, engaged to be married, when the proclamation comes.
  • The angel shares about Elizabeth and her pregnancy so that Mary can draw strength from another “strange but true” pregnancy. Mary hurried to get to Elizabeth. We all need people who will understand us. Elizabeth confirmed and affirmed Mary and her pregnancy. Mary left to go home with a resolve to complete her “mission”. We so need people who will deposit that in us.
  • The Gospel of Matthew gives us insight into Joseph. This was a good man, one concerned with the reputation of the woman he was going to marry. Even in wanting to break up the engagement, he did not want to bring disgrace upon her. I love that both Mary and Joseph each had their own personal encounter with the angel to prepare them for the days and months and task ahead. Both were obedient to the call on their lives. I can’t help but wonder if they each would have preferred a different call – one that would be easier. Made me realize, our calls will never be “easy”. They will always require a bending of our own wills and desires to fit His will and purposes.
  • Mary put the baby Jesus in a manger as there was no room for them in the inn. There will never be room for Jesus unless we deliberately and intentionally make room for Him.
  • An angel now appears to the shepherds. This was considered a lowly position in those days and yet heaven pays them a visit. They are just doing their job, going about their business and their lives are about to be interrupted and never be the same. May our day be interrupted by this story. May we realize as we go to work, tend to children, drive our cars to run errands, go to doctor appointments, clean bathrooms, do laundry, etc. that our day can be interrupted by our God through a Scripture or a song or an encouraging word from a friend. May we not miss what He may whisper to us in the midst of our everyday, normal routine.

May we take time to reflect and see things anew in this most familiar story.

May our lives be interrupted and changed.


Today I am joining with … Playdates with God and Unforced Rhythms and Mon. Musings and Create With Joy and Making Your Home Sing and Soul Survival .