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We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)

We went to the appointment expecting to have one decision to make – either we do or we don’t. Seemed simple enough yet one of the most difficult decisions ever to be made for us and by us.

And then God showed up and another option – not mentioned until then – was offered. Every fear and longing was addressed. He had known all which was on our hearts all along. He was to meet us in that appointment.

The decision was made, the other option chosen and peace flooded both the room and our souls.

God untangles.

God provides wisdom.

He walks beside us.

And with us.

His tender mercy toward us, His frail children, breathes hope into every one of our situations.

We can think we know it all or have it all under control or can make a decision. But we know for a certainty we are human and humans are fallible. So we yet worry and struggle with anxiety no matter how much we weigh a decision inside of ourselves. And then God shows up on the scene and brings the wisdom, the peace, and the hope.

He goes before us. He is steps in front of us. And if we let Him, He will not only determine our steps but lead us in the paths we need to be on.

We make plans.

He determines our steps.

Let’s trust Him.


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