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We are settling in for a Nor’Easter here in Boston. We shall see what it amounts to as the day goes on. In the meantime, here are five posts which grabbed my attention this week:

1) Women. We so need one another but often find it difficult to maintain relationships. In this post, we have some wonderful ways in which we can link arms with other women.

2) Many of us picked one word on which to set our focus this year. Here is one woman’s journey almost a month in and what she is learning.



3) So many write letters to address what is wrong with The Church. In this post, one blogger explains why these letters may wound rather than heal. May this cause us to pause, pray and remember, “Our {the Church’s} best days are ahead because the days are getting darker.”

4) We should never underestimate the power of a word aptly spoken. In this post, we learn about the power of words, and prayer, to lighten the burden of those around us. And we’re encouraged to send a text, make a call, or send a card. You just might be “the thread in someone’s cocoon.”

5) Here’s a story about a city boy, a farmer, and a donkey. In this post, you’ll read about integrity – both the principle and the promise which goes along with it.

Grab a blanket, snuggle under and sit a spell. All five hold such wonderful truths and lessons for us to learn. Have a great weekend!



Today I am joining … The Weekend Brew and Faith Along the Way and The SITS Sharefest and Faith ‘N Friends .