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I always wonder how some weeks pass so quickly. It may have had something to do with enjoying fires two nights this week. Nothing like feeling both warm and cozy! I really enjoyed reading this week and cannot wait to share these with you – –

1) So many words being shared since the beginning of the year. I love seeing them all. But I especially love the acronym shared in this post for “brave”.

2) We all want to be motivated in life. In this post, we read how “you might be surprised by the kind of greatness you can achieve” as you hunger for God.

3) Wounded people fill our churches on any given Sunday. In this post, we read about pregnancy centers and why it is important for pastors to continually give the reminder, “God loves you and God forgives you.”

4) Motherhood comes with many a challenge. In this post, we learn how motherhood is much like high school. Even as moms, we desire to fit in and  be liked and stand out and get it all right.

5) We all have an inner voice. It can encourage or discourage. In this post, we read about an Inner Voice, the Holy Spirit, who will always tell you truth and encourage. Be sure and watch the inspiring video which Deb shares too.


There you have it – some of my very favorites this week. Get comfortable and sit a while. And may you have a wonderful Saturday!




Today I am joining … Recommendation Saturday and The Weekend Brew and Faith Along the Way and The SITS Sharefest .