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We all have made it through a week of snow, school and work cancellations, and chopping ice dams. Look at this way, we are a week closer to the arrival of spring 🙂 Let me share with you a few reads I enjoyed over the week:

1) Our stories matter. We look back at our lives to see where we have been, what we went through and how we kept strong. In this post, we read, “I am convinced some major pitfalls were avoided because of prayer.”

2) Friendships make up a special part of our lives. As the pressures and responsibilities of life mount high, they may be hard to maintain or even find. In this post, we find a prayer for the weary mom when friendships is hard.

3) Relationships can be messy and often challenging to navigate. In this post, we read, “Choosing forgiveness allows the light of love to shine within our hearts.” Today is a great day to read  about forgiveness.

4) Friendships can be forged in as many different ways as there are people. In this post, we read what happens when an online friendship leads to ministry.

5) It’s Valentine’s Day. Friendships and relationships will be celebrated today. In this post, we read how to best honor friendships – “In sincere, God-honoring friendship, you don’t compete – you serve.

And there you have it – five posts which so enriched my life this week. May you have time to read and relax today. Time with loved ones. A chair to sit in and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Or better yet, a piece of chocolate. May you know you are loved. Deeply loved by the One who has loved you from before time. And always will!

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Today I am joining with … The Weekend Brew and Faith ‘N Friends and Faith Along the Way and The SITS Sharefest .