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This was another busy week which flew by. It wasn’t so quick as to keep me from finding a few favorites ….

1) Valentine’s Day was last weekend. In this post, we find these words shared, “We all need a love that’s bigger, more infinite, and more faithful and steadfast.”

2) We all face times in which it seems God is silent. In this post, we find a plan for action during those very days.

3) I have been following Kara Tippetts’ story for a while now. She is such a living example of God’s grace and mercy and strength and joy in the middle of the most dire situation. Each of her posts have caused me to cry (sometimes flat out bawl), laugh and think. But more importantly, her words cause me to love God deeper. This post was no different. Be blessed!

4) The Lion King. We all so love the story. In this post, we will discover the truth, “You are more than what you have become.”

5) Some nights, we are so in need of an inspiring news story and here is the one which was it for me. It is a beautiful story of legacy and family. May it inspire us all on many levels!



There’s another weekend storm coming. So pull up a seat, cover up with a blanket, pour some hot tea and spend some time reading. And may you be blessed!



Today I am joining … The Weekend Brew and Faith ‘N Friends and Faith Along the Way and The SITS Sharefest .