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We all live life hoping we fulfill God’s plan for our lives. It would be wonderful to hear a voice from heaven telling us what we were to do with our lives. And when. But such is not the case.

Every day we face so many opportunities and choices:

  • which career should I pursue?
  • who should I marry?
  • where should I live?
  • which church should I attend?
  • where should I give my time?

9781496406118_972894In his book, All the Places to Go, John Ortberg explores the topic of choosing wisely each day. He defines an open door as “an opportunity provided by God to act with God and for God”. In the midst of all the opportunities He places before us, God’s primary goal is to change us as people so that we reflect the character of Jesus in all we do.

The book addresses the following:

  • How Will You Know?
  • Open-Door People and Closed-Door People
  • Overcoming the Fear of Missing Out
  • Common Myths About Doors
  • Door #1 or Door #2?
  • How to Cross a Threshold
  • What Open Doors Will Teach You – About You
  • The Jonah Complex
  • Thank God for Closed Doors
  • The Door in the Wall

We truly never know where the doors we walk through will lead us. The one truth we can count on is that the door will be a gift in our life, for God has prepared every opened door specifically for us. Open doors lead to adventure and purpose in our lives because we join God in His journey.

This book was an encouragement and inspiration to me. I felt myself infused with hope that as I looked for opportunity, my eyes would become trained, in a sense, to see what God was placing before me, an ordinary person. This is a wonderful book for any person desiring more for their life – more opportunity, more experiences, more of God.

But what a gift to know that open doors are not reserved for the specially talented or the extraordinarily strong. God can open a door for anyone.
(page 7)

God can open a door for anyone – for me and for you. And if we walk through it, we just might find ourselves doing things which will count for all eternity.

****Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I am disclosing this as required by Federal Trade Commission.


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