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Each weekday, right around 11:30AM, I begin to ask Jocelyn the same question, “What would you like for lunch?”

And each time, the response is always, always exactly the same, “Pee-ZAAAAA!”

I ask solely because I love hearing the response. From there, she and I negotiate lunch, with my suggesting other options which are healthier.

Having missed some days due to the snow, a funny thing happened recently. I gave her the lunch of her choice, pizza. We then missed a day due to snow. When she returned the following day and I asked the question, she gave her typical answer, “Pee-ZAA” and then added, “I didn’t have it yesterday.” She knew I would wonder and beat me to the punch.

All of this has made me think of “food” choices. Spiritual ones that is. Scripture tells us:

“Give us today our daily bread.” (Matthew 6:11, NIV)

He alone knows exactly what I need for each day. Left to my own devices, I would default to the same diet, “Pee-ZAA”, every day. As delicious as pizza is (and it is one of my favorites), it would not make for a healthy diet, supplying all that I need to grow and function each day.

This morning, I am thinking of the Israelites, for whom God provided food each day – manna. They were instructed to go and gather the exact amount each morning to meet their needs. No more. No less. And it would be enough. We’re told it tasted like honey wafers (Exodus 16:11) which I am imagining would have tasted like Vanilla Wafers πŸ™‚ We are also told, “He fed you with manna in the wilderness, a food unknown to your ancestors” (Deuteronomy 8:16, NLT).

And here us what I am learning:

  1. We need to be fed today. Much the way I need food to sustain me each day, I need to take in sustenance from God’s Word every day. I need a daily word. Yesterday’s was excellent but I need a fresh word today. And I need a balanced diet.
  2. We don’t even know what we need. Much the way God provided an unknown food in the wilderness, He has a vast supply of food yet unknown to me. He knows when and how to introduce me to something new. Think of it this way, when I was a kid, there was no way anyone could get me to eat spinach. Now as an adult, it is one of my favorite vegetables. We mature and develop new taste buds as we allow Him to feed us each day.
  3. He is to be our source. In Jesus’ own words, “I am the bread of life!”
    (John 6:48, NLT). He gives us what will nourish our souls for the day so that we don’t merely survive the day but we live the day.

As we come to Him, each and every day, sharing with Him the demands and stresses, He will serve us exactly the portion of HIMSELF which we need in order to face the day. He will serve up the “manna” so that we are assured –

We are not alone.

He is with us.

He is enough.

Today I am joining … Thought Provoking Thursday and Coffee for Your Heart and Hearts for Home .