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22504624_grandeIf you’re a woman, it probably means life is more busy for you than you might like. You may be wishing for more hours in a day. Time to relax, to unwind, to read.

The Beauty of Grace by Dawn Camp is a book filled with stories of God’s love for women. It is a reminder that He can be found in the midst of our day, in the middle of our messes. It is a call to not miss Him.

Sometimes in our busyness, we can forget His Presence with us. With all the noise in our day, we may not hear Him calling to us to spend a few minutes with Him, apart from everything and everyone else.

In this book, Dawn Camp has compiled short stories from many of our favorite authors and bloggers. They are women just like us – they change diapers, clean house, cook meals, struggle with messy situations and have discovered our God shows up in the midst of it all.

Each story will remind us His beauty and grace can be found in each of our days IF we only will be attentive and look for Him.

In this book, you will find stories on Purpose, The Big Picture, Surrender, Trust, Lessons Learned, Hope and Encouragement, and Worship. Their stories will make you laugh, cry, and think a little more deeply about our God who loves you, is with you, and has never left you not for one second.

The book is also filled with the beautiful and moving photography of Dawn Camp which will stir you to open your eyes to the beauty our Creator has placed all around us.

I actually read this book in two afternoons. I sat with a large and hot cup of tea savoring the warmth of my drink and the words, allowing them both to soothe and saturate my soul. Each story bears an important message filled with encouragement and God’s grace.

In the introduction, Dawn writes:

No matter your past or your future, the depth of your sin or the mistakes that you’ve made, the weariness of your soul or the obstacles in your path, you can experience God’s love right here, right now, right where you are.

And that’s the beauty of grace.


*** *** I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group/Revell in exchange for my honest review.


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