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Yesterday was the official start of spring. The first day of spring began at 6:45 PM EDT. After this winter, we all needed to know the exact moment spring would arrive. “Google” and you will discover, I am telling the truth And then it snowed last night! The perfect way to celebrate the end of this winter and the start of spring 🙂 Another great way to celebrate is to spend time with some of my favorite posts this week …

1) I love watching the birds in our yard. In this post, we learn the importance of community and what to do when our feathers are ruffled.

2) Prayer. So important in our lives and yet there are times we feel God is distant from us. In this post we learn, “Even when God seems silent, He’s still listening. He just may be waiting to respond.”

3) We often judge others by the things we notice about them. In this post, we learn the importance of listening to their story and the difference their story can make.

4) We know we need accountability in our lives. We also know we need to hold one another accountable. In this post we will learn, “In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity.” (St. Augustine)

5) It is hard being a mom. The hardest part is letting go. In this post we are reminded, letting go is a little bit easier when we remember our God will always keep hold of them.

May you all enjoy your weekend and be blessed by what you read!




Today I am joining … Recommendation Saturday and The Weekend Brew and Faith Along The Way and The SITS Sharefest and Faith ‘N Friends .