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It’s been a long winter but this week, there were signs of spring visible everywhere. Perhaps none so hopeful as the top of our barbeque peeping out from under a mound of snow. So my husband helped it the rest of the way 🙂

I also found hope and encouragement in these wonderful posts :

1) This winter, we were repeatedly warned regarding the loss of power. In this post, Lisa reminds us, “Because plugged or unplugged, the Lord stays on.

2) Have you been hurt by women in the past? Do you long for close friendships but find yourself leery? In this post, we discover “heart sisters are the best sisters.”

3) Some days, we are just flat out ugly in our responses to life. In this post, we find the beautiful reminder -  Out of His death, comes the most beautiful life…Christ living in us.

4) Motherhood. It can be daunting at times. Flat out scary. In this post, we are encouraged – “God will give you exactly what you need in today’s moment of parenting, as you turn to Him.”

5) Confession is difficult. In this post, we read about a pregnancy and an abortion. We are reminded, “We are all a work in progress and the story isn’t finished yet.”

There were so many more this week. Truly. Pull up a chair and start with these wonderful reads. And may they speak into your heart!



Today I am joining … Recommendation Saturday and The Weekend Brew and Faith Along The Way and The SITS Sharefest .