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I’m joining Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. One word prompt. Five minutes. No editing. Lots of women. All of us writing on that same word.

Today the word prompt is … Break.

I closed the door, breathed in a sigh, thankful to have a few minutes to myself. The thoughts which I had kept from flooding my mind could be held back no more and with their arrival, the tears flowed as well.

And the question loomed before me …

“Had we reached our breaking point?”

Breaking point —> it’s the very point at which something or someone gives way under stress or a situation. The point at which you just cannot take any more. You’ve had it. You just want to be let alone.

As hard as it is to be certain when we ourselves have reached our breaking point, to ascertain when someone else has arrived at their breaking point is near impossible.

As these thoughts swirled and the tears rolled, I remembered a quote I had written in the margin of my Bible:

God will not cut you back so much that you are broken beyond the ability to grow, nor will He quench you to the point that you give up or quit.
(Anne Graham Lotz)

God knows our breaking point and assures me:

“A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.” (Isaiah 43:3, NIV)


Today I am joining with … Five Minute Friday and Faith Filled Friday and Dance With Jesus and Fellowship Friday .