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51NKk6Ybk8L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I think I entered my adult life with a bunch of dreams in my head, all happy events I was anticipating and looking forward to occurring in my life. But somewhere along the way, life happened apart from my dreams. I began to doubt my dreams would ever be. The question mulling about in my head was, “Do I dare to even try dreaming again?”

In her book, Life Unstuck, Pat Layton addresses the truth that we can become unstuck from the circumstances in our past which seek to hold us back.

God wants us unstuck and experiencing peace with our past, purpose in our present, and passion for our future.
(page 11)

Using Psalm 139 as the foundation for this book, Pat looks deeply into the areas we most get stuck and shares from Scripture the way to get back on track and live life abundantly. The way back is to dive into God’s Word and begin thinking about His words over and over until our minds start to think what He thinks about ourselves and our situations.

In dissecting Psalm 139, she uncovers these truths:

God has purposes for your unstuck gifts and talents.
God has potential for your unstuck quirks.
God has plans that are good for your unstuck weaknesses.
God created and designed unstuck you to be you.
(from page 46)

I found this book to be encouraging and challenging. Each page breathed hope into every situation ever experienced that God was working for my good, desiring to redeem it all as He continued to change my life so as to fulfill His purposes for my life. Every word spoke deeply of how greatly our God loves each one of us ….

Love is the safety net that allows us to be spontaneous, to take chances, to attempt great feats, to reveal our true selves, to become more than we ever thought possible.
(page 75)

The book is rich with quotes from other authors which reinforce the truths Pat shares. There are quizzes and questions which would make this a wonderful Bible Study to do with a small group. Whether read alone or in a group, this book will bless, encourage and bring release to each reader as they apply the truths shared to their hearts and minds.

Life unstuck is an ordinary journey with an extraordinary God.
(page 245)

This book will help you to realize you are a unique person designed by God who loves you more deeply than you can imagine and who purposes beyond any of your expectations. May you be blessed in reading this book and come Unstuck.

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*** I received a copy of this book from Revell for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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