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Holly’s blog, the link-up and this series have so blessed me. I signed up to do a guest post before the series opened. As each week passed, I cannot even begin to describe what gripped me ”“ fear? Anxiety? Inadequacy? Not sure.

But this I know ”“ I have a testimony. Having been brought up in church from birth, I cannot remember NOT being in church. My testimony has always been that of a life kept by God’s grace.

Yet in my heart, I knew God was saying, “It is your testimony but not the testimony I want you to share. Just wait on me.”

Life continued to roll on. My days were filled with my routine and the unexpected, all at the same time.

And then the testimony I was to share unfolded right in front of me ….


** For the remainder of this post, please join me at Holly Barrett’s Testimony Tuesday.

I am also joining … Unite and Titus 2 Tuesday and True Story and RaRa Linkup and Teaching What Is Good and Life Giving .