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Every once in a while, we need a good reminder as to the value of friendship. Women, being the more emotional of the two genders, can struggle greatly in this area of maintaining healthy relationships with one another.

978-1-4143-9748-1In her newest book, Nobody’s Cuter than You, Melanie Shankle shares about her best friend and the way in which they have managed to keep their friendship alive over twenty five years. In the reading, we come to realize, friendships, both short lived and long, serve purposes in our lives. They help us to become better versions of ourselves, teaching us to love better.

But they teach us even more ….

  • “Sometimes God brings relationships to an end as a way to move us along to where he has called us to go”
  • “Friendships are fragile and we need to handle them with respect and reverence.”
  • “Nothing will erode the foundation of a friendship quite like the resentment that builds from wanting what someone else has without even factoring in that maybe you have something they want as well.”
  • Friendship takes no joy in the pain of another.

I laughed and I cried as I read through the tales of friendships. At times, I closed the book and went back in time to friendships I had in high school and youth group. The book is an easy and enjoyable read. Melanie writes in a down to earth style sure to draw every reader in close.

The book is rich with quotes on friendship from others which added to my enjoyment of this book. I can highly recommend this book as it was like sitting with a girlfriend over a cup of coffee – it sank deep into my soul and did my heart good.

“Real friendship requires effort. But there is nothing as precious in life as a friend who knows you and love you in spite of yourself.”


****Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I am disclosing this as required by Federal Trade Commission.

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