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So much is written on passion and finding purpose in life. For the past few days, I have been thinking long and hard on these words, “Find your passion.” Written in a book I was reading, they began stirring my heart to ponder the passion in my own life.

I have always been an avid reader, usually starting several books about the same time. I have gotten so much better at this as I have matured (aka, gotten older). As a child, it was a treat to take the long walk to the library with mom, only to return with either our arms or a shopping bag laden with books. Upon getting home, I would spread them all out, examining the dust jacket, reading the chapter titles so as to put them in the desired order to read.

Now older, I am amazed at how this love of reading, “passion”, has grown and developed and taken me on a journey …

I began blogging about four years ago as I wanted my family to know what was going on in my heart and mind each day. I never intended for them to know what I was doing until after I was gone. But somehow, word leaked out and several friends discovered my writing.

Then I decided to review books and share about them here on my blog. I wanted others to benefit from the inspiring and encouraging reads I found. This, too, grew for me. Through reading and reviewing, I somehow bumped into a new to me author, Emily Wierenga, and reviewed two of her books – A Promise in Pieces: Quilts of Love Series and Atlas Girl. Both were excellent, I promise.

Those reviews eventually led me to become involved with the ministry, The Lulu Tree, a not-for-profit ministry helping mothers and their children in Katwe, Uganda.

Passion >> “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.” (

Passion can be a force for good, for love or not. The choice lies within each of us – how are we going to use our passion?

In her book, Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me about Life, Faith, and Second Chances, Rachel Anne Ridge writes …

Sometimes you bump into your passion when you’re looking for something else, and suddenly it all becomes clear when you feel God’s pleasure as you create or give or learn. And sometimes you just have to break down some fences and bust some gates off their hinges in order to catch the prize on the other side. And when you do, you realize that discovering your passion isn’t an end in itself, but the key.

The key to finding your purpose.
(page 92)

Passion and purpose intersect in our lives bringing about fulfillment and satisfaction, in and through our God.

Trust me on this one. It is what happened when God brought reading, writing and serving together in my own life. And He will do it in your life as well.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” (Romans 8:28, NLT)

Brass key unlocking a door --- Image by © Steve Cicero/Corbis

Passion: the key to finding your purpose.

Find your passion.

Passion leads to purpose.



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