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It is so hard to believe the summer is almost gone. This will be the last week before school starts for our family. In keeping that in mind, here are some wonderful posts on parenting and children:

  1. Children are online now more than ever. And at a younger age. In this post, we will discover what kids are really doing online, why we can’t ignore it, and ways in which we can keep our kids safe and smart about the internet. What-Kids-Are-Really-Doing-Online-600x415
  2. We all feel the pressure to be “successful” parents. In this post, we’ll discover that it’s “by God’s grace, we sow seeds of His truth in love. He (eventually, faithfully) brings the harvest.” image-1024x1024
  3. Parenting takes tremendous strength. Here is a post to encourage you be bold and courageous as parents this coming school year. Untitled-design-31-500x500
  4. One of the hardest tasks to face us as parents is sending our children back out to school {aka – the world} each school year. So much unknowns. In this post, we find a back to school prayer to calm our kids’ hearts. And ours. prayer-for-back-to-school
  5. Here are 7 Scriptures that will help your kids find confidence in the Lord anytime of the year, but especially during those back-to-school situations. what-god-says-about-our-kids-400x400

The start of another school year. Brings fears and uncertainties no matter the age of our children. May we all find some hope, strength and comfort in the days ahead. Know that our God loves our children even more deeply than we do.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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