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The days were a little bit cooler and drier this week and it felt good. Playing outside with the girls, I noticed the subtle changes in the yard. The smells of fall are in the air. And here are the wonderful posts which also caught my attention this week:

1) Lord of the Rings. I remember so well taking my son to see the first release. Each movie filled with analogies and quotes never to be forgotten. In this post are 8 favorite inspirational quotes from the saga.

114425-Not-All-Those-Who-Wander-Are-Lost(photo credit)


2) Time. We all have been allotted the same amount – 24 hours each day. Yet we can often forget the preciousness in each moment of the day. In this post, we find the reminder to make the most of each day, and each moment. God-has-given-us-a-new-day-1024x768


3) Small moments. Some days, school routines and mornings can be difficult to navigate. We can often “pollute our houses with demands and frustration over things that don’t really matter.” In this post, we find the reminder to remember these small moments truly do matter for our families.



4) Grandparents. We all agree that children need good parenting. But in this post, we’ll read of 5 important things excellent grandparents do for their grandchildren. for-reading-796374_1280-1024x576


5) Banned words. We all have certain words we just do not allow into our vocabulary. In this post are some four letter words we all should ban from our thinking.


I hope you will take the time to read them all as their is inspiration to be found in each one. Here’s hoping you squeeze the most out of these last summer days. Enjoy your weekend!



Today I am joining … Weekend Whispers and Faith Along the Way .