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I saw a video the other day which was precious. It showed the reaction of a toddler to her first experience with summer rain. In the arms of her daddy, the awe and delight she exuded was overwhelming.

And it got me to thinking a bit about rain.

It rains in every season. There are winter rains and spring rains. So … what’s the difference? Is there a difference? I needed to know …

Winter rains are heavier and often harsh as temperatures cause freezing on the hardened ground. Spring rains, on the other hand, are gentler causing the seed to swell so it will come to grow in maturity. Yet the seasonal cycles are needed, for it is in the winter rains that roots go deep in order to survive.

“Come, let us return to the Lord.
He has torn us to pieces;
now he will heal us.
He has injured us;
now he will bandage our wounds.
In just a short time he will restore us,
so that we may live in his presence.

Oh, that we might know the Lord!
Let us press on to know him.
He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn
or the coming of rains in early spring.”

(Hosea 6:1-3, NLT)

Life can bring hard times which bring strong winds and rains. We may think we cannot make it through, or situations will not not improve.

But those driving rains only drive us to Him. We fall before the One who brings healing and restoration. Roots go down more deeply causing us to sway but stand firm, as He assures us that we are in His Presence.

Those winter rains serve to grow a desire in us to know Him with an earnestness so we pursue Him, relentlessly. We press on, striving to obtain more of Him in the midst of the harsh season. In spite of it even.

And then come the spring rains …

Gentle. Refreshing. Soft.

And those seeds He had been planting in our lives all along, begin to break ground. They grow and blossom and bear fruit.

We begin to see His hand at work in our lives, weaving details with a precision and beauty, which was unseen to us. The winter rains prove to have had a purpose all along.

The seed has become swelled and begins to burst into maturity …

Rain falling on sprouting plant

May we find joy in the spring and summer rains and remember

the One who is holding us in His arms.

May we take delight in Him and press on to know Him!



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