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“Many of us often are asleep to the idea that God wants to communicate with us personally, and as a result, we sometimes ignore what seem to be stray thoughts or concerns about friends, family, or situations. When worries arise, we often believe they are nothing more than the random musings of our imaginations, never awakening to the possibility that God is actually calling us to pray.”
(Linda Evans Shepherd)

This is our wake-up call.

There are times when each of us have needs pressing on our hearts. We are called to pray and know specifically how to pray.

Then there are those times, we feel urged to pray without certainty of the need, or knowing why.

9781441228239In her book, Called to Pray: Astounding Stories of Answered Prayer, Linda Evans Shepherd explores these very times. How are we to respond when urged to pray? Do we pray without hesitancy, with the assurance God will be active and quick to respond?

Called to Pray is a collection of stories about circumstances in which prayer was a dire need. Each story shares the astonishing outcome as a result of prayer.

The book is set up in chapters by which prayers can be found for specific situations including:

  • call to pray for protection
  • call to pray for needs
  • call to pray for guidance
  • call to pray for encouragement

Each section includes true and inspiring stories of miraculous answers to prayer. This book will impact in two ways:

  1. While in a season of waiting, you will find hope as you remember the ways God has answered prayers.
  2. You will find yourself encouraged to pray as you take notice of the prompting of God.

This book is a wonderful read for when we encounter a season of doubt. It will infuse your heart with faith to keep on praying. Each story will encourage us all to pay heed to those times we find ourselves awakened to pray.


Revell-Reads*** I received a copy of this book from Revell for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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