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Looking over the list of prayer needs shared, I realized the small group was quickly becoming a band of sisters (and brothers). The group had become quick to respond to one another’s needs.

It was then I remembered another group of women ”“ Ruth, Naomi, and Orpah.

Each of them left as widows. Their situation had become sad and unpromising. While Orpah takes Naomi’s advice and returned to her hometown, Ruth clung ever tighter to her mother-in-law. She refuses to separate from her and returns with her to Bethlehem.

Often deep friendships, “sisterhood” and “brotherhood”, are born as we brave adversities together; from sharing and bearing the burdens of one another.


This morning I am sharing about friendships over at The Lulu Tree. I hope to see you there as I share my thoughts on how we can do good to all people.


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