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We all want to live a meaningful life and for each of us, this will look differently. Purpose. Passion. Calling. Dreams. Every day we hear those words tossed about to the point, I wonder if we even truly “hear” them any longer.

Sure we hear those words with our ears,  but with our hearts? I am not so certain.

We are each placed here on the planet earth for a reason. There is something we are to do and our lives will seem empty, until we begin to engage our hearts and do it.

“From one man he [God] made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places they should live.” (Acts 17: 26, NLT)

God places each of us at the time and in the place He knows we belong and will have the most impact. He wants us to be ourselves and do good for He has positioned us, so we are able to make a difference.

In his book, Be You. Do Good., Jonathan David Golden challenges us to “have the guts to pursue what makes you come alive.”

tueFi7Ibd7pIxyOtHkYL9MSu20apFfSQljLZ2xbcaMAJonathan pursued his dream and forged ahead to become the founder of Land of a Thousand Hills, a coffee company providing a living to farmers and their families living in Rwanda. He shares about himself, his dream, and the challenges he faced along the way with gripping transparency. He shares his faith, his successes, and his failures while always pointing us to God who is with us through each.

The book is more than a narrative, as each page causes one to waken to the truth that we have been created for more and to do more. We’ve been created to live a life that is full, abundant, and engaged as we become who God created us to be.

Our unique selves have been created to do unique things for God.

Jonathan leads us through twelve points designed to help each reader find their calling. Each point will surely lead to a deeper relationship and commitment with God. More than the twelve points, Jonathan wants each reader to discover three truths:

  1. God calls us to himself. God desires above all else be in a relationship with us.
  2. God calls us to be ourselves. He wants us to be who He has created us to be.
  3. God calls us to do good. God loves this world and the people in it. He wants us to make a difference here.

This book is about pursuing what we have been created to do so that we find purpose. But to find our purpose, we must fully pursue the One who created us. Jonathan beautifully points us to pursue God more than the calling for in pursuing God, we will find our calling.

The organic nature of your calling might mean that to be faithful, you will be asked to release what may seem “good” but is not where God is leading you next. The secret to moving in sync with the One who is walking is to follow, not force.” (page 163)

May we follow God, for then …
We will be ourselves.
And we will do good.

*** I was given a copy of the book to review. It has truly been my joy, and to my own benefit, to read each word. It’s a powerful book which will impact every reader deeply.

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