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Part of the joy in having children is watching them grow into “people” as they learn and experience different aspects of life. With each new venture, life springs up in them, excitement infuses their little bodies.

The seasons bring opportunities to try new sports as spring turns to softball, summer to swimming, fall to soccer and winter to basketball.

One child may find their niche quickly, staying focused on that one love. Another child may meander from one to another, not quite sure where their talent lies.

Every opportunity given presents them with an experience to explore themselves and meet new people. Thus becoming more of who they are meant to be.

This growing up of our children also brought growth in my own life. The journey of parenthood brought change through the joys, the frustrations, the laughter and the tears. I am not the same woman I was when my first child came into this world.

This molding of both parent and child, separately and uniquely while at the same time, can often be challenging. Even as “Mimi”, I am still growing, learning and changing.

“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.” (Romans 12:6, NLT)

Each one of us has different bents and talents. We each need to do what we have been called to do and do it well. And so today I pray …

Dear Lord, May I never forget that You are the giver of gifts. Bless my children and grandchildren as their talents develop. Help each one to be able to know their talents and in so knowing, be confident of that which You have given. Give them patience and understanding to develop their gifts. May they not grow weary as they strive to use their talents well. May each failure or setback not bring discouragement. May each milestone or success bring a healthy desire to grow more and to use their talent for Your glory alone. In your name I pray, amen.



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