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Prayer. So much occurs as a result of our prayers. Recently I have been reminded of the watchmen of old …

“O Jerusalem, I have posted watchmen on your walls; they will pray day and night, continually. Take no rest, all you who pray to the Lord.”
(Isaiah 62:6, NLT)

The watchmen – always on the lookout as in a military context. Positioned strategically, high on the wall, so nothing could be missed as they scoured the land.

They knew to keep looking for God’s movement and activity. They did not jump down from the walls after a quick, cursory inspection.

Rather, they persisted and stay put, intently keeping their eyes glued to the horizon for the Lord’s response. They strained their eyes to see a first glimpse of response, constantly reporting anything which they spotted. No matter how long it meant, they remained positioned.

May we be as the watchmen of old and model ourselves in this sort of prayer:

“Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.” (Ephesians 6:18, NLT)

Prayer —> a way of life.
And turns the whole of life
into a prayer.


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