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Today I’m joining Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. One word prompt. Five minutes. No editing. All of us writing on that same word.

Today’s prompt is …. Quiet.

The call came yesterday, “Can you pick Sophia up from school today?”

With one granddaughter down with strep, the other still needed to be picked up. It was a delight to go as I had not picked Sophia up from school in some time. I remembered the days of getting her from preschool and the familiar ride – music blasting, conversation lively with laughter.

And so, I watched the clock.

She came out of her classroom and one look, I knew something was wrong.

“Mimi, I have a headache and my belly is hurting.”

Now don’t ask my why, but that is the ways she describes what always then is, strep throat.

We get to my car, now safely buckled and she says …

“Mimi, can you not play your music today?”

“And Mimi, can we not talk?”

Those were the last words for she fell asleep before we even were out of the parking lot. I kid you not.

Seven years old and she knew all she wanted was – quiet.

Quiet – no sound. No noise. Basically to be free from disturbance.

I need that too. Moments of quiet. This morning I sat looking at the word prompt and quietly asked {{Yes, pun intended 🙂 }}, “Why do I need the quiet? What do I get from quiet?”

The answer stirred gently in my mind:

“Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved.
In quietness and confidence is your strength.”
(Isaiah 30:15, NLT)

In those times of quiet, He reminds to trust Him. In the quiet, He assures us of His Presence with us, no matter what the day may bring. And we gain strength anew.

In the quiet, we find Him.



Today I am joining … Five Minute Friday and Faith Filled Friday and Grace & Truth .