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This past week, Jocelyn has exhibited a desire to be more than herself.

A video sent to me one night, shows Jocelyn doing some form of exercise and showing off her muscles. When asked what she is doing, she replies …”I am exercising. I want to be a grown up super hero or a banana.”

Don’t ask as who can know the mind of a three year old?

But here’s the thing … she has continued to do the same exercises, huffing and puffing as she exclaims, “It is hard work becoming a super hero!”

I have watched the two videos for days on my phone as they make me laugh every single time.

And here’s what hit me …

Becoming more than we are WILL demand hard work of each of us.

To grow, and allow God to change us, will require letting God discipline and prune us. We will need to be teachable, pliable, obedient, compliant, and listening to His every word spoken to us.

I have marveled at Jocelyn’s desire to be a grown up superhero. Somewhere in all of us, lies this innate desire to be more than average. A superhero – one who exhibits courage and character under duress. They possess extraordinary abilities of insight and strength, helping those around them through sticky situations.

I cannot help but wonder if God has not wired us all with this desire and so today I pray …

Dear Lord, You are the One who builds character and fills us with a courage beyond ourselves. Help my grandchildren to understand that their strength, their “superhero” abilities come from You, the God who is mighty and powerful. May they always come to you, recognizing that you are their source of stability, security, and hope. Fill them with a courage to stand for what is right, helping the helpless, and boldly standing for Your truth. In Your Name I pray, Amen.



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In My Thoughts,