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There’s a story found in Luke 5 where Peter (a fisherman by trade) comes in from fishing all night without any success. Jesus (not a fisherman at all but a carpenter) tells him not only to go back out but to go out into deeper waters.

Neither suggestion makes any sense. Fish do not tend to bit in the heat of the day. To go out again, when there has been no action seems to be a lesson in futility. But Peter goes ahead and does it without any discussion or argument.

Now me? I tend to ask questions. I turn the thing over in my mind, looking at it from every side. Just being honest here. I eventually do it but probably not before a few more nudges from the Lord. I often need confirmation, wanting it to all make sense to me. I look for answers. Then I wonder what others may think of me. You get the point.

Most often, when I do what the Lord has nudged me to do, afterwards I get a glimpse of the “Why”. I realize He knew all along what the outcome would be. And when I see the outcome, I am blessed and my faith is stronger.

That day when Peter was on the shore and Jesus told him to go back out, Peter’s reply was, “But if you say so” (Luke 5:5). He simply obeyed upon the suggestion of the Lord.

I want to challenge us all today …
What is it the Lord is nudging you to do?


Write the card. Make the call. Bring the dinner. Send the donation. Ask for forgiveness. Volunteer.

9780764218125Peter’s response resulted in nets filled with fish. There’s no telling what the Lord may accomplish in our lives as we simply say, “But if you say so!”

In her book, Come With Me, Suzanne Eller encourages us to say “Yes” to the One who leads us to impact the world around us. As we follow Him, we may be led into hard places where our faith will be tested. But it in those very places, we will discover He is who He says He is and is worth following.


The miracle was never about the fish. Pushing out deeper was never about the fish. That voice asking you to push out deeper? It’s not about the fish. Simon walked away from a heap of fish and Jesus became …

(Suzanne Eller)

It’s when Peter said, “But if you say so” that Jesus became everything to him. And the same will be true for us.

Written in a conversational and engaging manner, I found this book to be thought provoking. At the end of each chapter, she has included a section by which the reader can “Take It Deeper”, memorize a Scripture, and a prayer. There are also practical suggestions for living as a disciple which will point each reader to a deeper walk. This is a wonderful resource for both personal reader or a group Bible Study.


*** I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. This post contains an affiliate link.

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